En Plein Air

Today is a perfect day! I have had the good fortune to paint outdoors. I have not painted outdoors in several years.


The temps are in the 70′s F and very conducive to being outside with the birds, shadows and ambient light.

I have recently bought an abundant supply of canvases and oil paints. At first, I admit, I was a bit overwhelmed at what to paint today. As I looked about, I could have chosen any of the views before me in the meadow. It became apparent I needed to settle on one. Finally, I let the paint guide me and the composition began to form itself. The colors before me all fit together like a puzzle. I needed only to trust my vision. Before I could believe it a few hours had passed and the canvas was covered in paint. I was very excited to have this painting now behind me.

I am looking forward to many more painting excursions this spring.