OMG…finally some spring like weather. I was able to draw outdoors today and was somewhat comfortable! This winter has hung on and hung on. Today, however, the temperature down at the river was in the high 30°s Fahrenheit!

I need not go far to draw, just down in my backyard. There is a wonderful river that runs along my property. The melting snow added to it’s depth and robust current as I whisked my graphite pencil over the surface of paper. It was picture perfect although my dexterity left me wanting.

I realized again how difficult it is to draw and embraced the effort that it takes to get something good. Initially, I went into my studio to paint but wasn’t inspired, so I took my drawing easel, a pad of paper and some pencils out into the woods.

The woods are an infinite cosm of visual splendor. My pencil could never be sharp enough to document the detail. It is apparent that edit, scratch, erase, scribe, doodle are all valuable skills to the draftsman want-to be, yet never enough.

In the end, what I am left with is an expression of what I have seen and how I feel about it. Always hopeful am I that the drawings convey excitement.

Down by the riverside...

Down by the riverside…