Studio Retreat

This winter is a vivid reminder of winters when I was growing up in York, Maine. An endless accumulation of snow. Of course as a kid it meant skiing and snowmobiling. As an adult with a very long driveway and partly low pitched roof it means something else. Although I am a huge admirer of nature I will concede this much snow is a challenge.

Only today have I got back outdoors on snowshoes. The snow is more settled now and I only sink down about 8-10 inches. Previously, I would go down to my knees and my snowshoes would act like a shovel requiring me to lift not only my legs but the snow, kick it aside and place my foot back down into the powder for more. There seemed to be about 2-3 feet of snow in the woods today.

deer, white tail, birds, sunflower

White tail deer at the bird feeder

I was happy to be outside. We have four deer who stay close to the house. They have been raiding the bird feeder and nibbling the branches of our dear rhododendrons as well as burning bush and whatever else will provide calories. On today’s walk I was especially interested in where the deer were congregating. It is difficult for them to get through the snow so they are moving as little as possible, using mostly the same paths.


Photo of the Josias River with snow, tree and branch

With the frigid temperatures hovering below 10°F my studio has been like a freezer. Although it is very small I am yet to insulate the walls and ceiling. I bought some insulation last summer but painted rather than installed. Necessity has dictated that I move into the house. So I have modified my pursuits to drawing. I love to work with ink and pads. Currently I am using 11″x 14″ paper and Higgins Ink.


Drawings in progress on kitchen table on a cold winter day

I have been working in isolation and posting some drawings on Facebook. My interest is to find something that feels true. As I work I try to eliminate encumbrances or ideas. My goal is to always get closer to the pureness of my existence. Obviously the constraints are paper, pen and my all to active brain. But in spite of the obstacles I have a fascination that my aspirations are achievable.