Monthly Archives: January 2023

Martin Luther King Day

Last night, we had the first real snow of this winter. A tiny bit more is coming down as I type at 1:54 pm. It is cloudy outside. I went out earlier to plow the driveway but it is to mucky. The total accumulation of snow is only a few inches. We have had an eerily warm winter. This is typically a time when we are anxious that we will have a enough firewood to get us though. But this year we need not worry. We had a chimney fire in November that required the fire department. It was a crazy event, slightly traumatizing. As a result, we have decided not to use our woodstove until we can have it inspected by someone with greater knowledge than myself. So until then, our large pile of firewood sits, waiting in anticipation of offering us warmth. We do have an inspection scheduled for January 30, and will hopefully be enjoying wood heat soon after.

My paintings have been entirely acrylic this winter. I have barely been into my studio. The studio is the best place for oils and turps. With acrylic I can just paint in the house by making room on the kitchen table. I have an art cart that I wheel into a spare bedroom when I finish painting for the day. It works out very well, though I do miss working on larger paintings and they do require more room.

I do believe the painting, below, is complete. I did a minor touch up this morning and was pleased with the results, as minimal as it was. This painting is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing it please email me.

Untitled, Acrylic on Wood Panel 20″ x 24″ x1″